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Love Spells and Love Magic

authored by Megan Bell

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Yule Love Spell

For this winter time spell to win a man's/woman's heart you will need a leaf from mistletoe under which two lovers have kissed. If a kiss under the mistletoe has been shared between yourself and the man/woman whose heart you wish to win, this is all the better for the spell!

During a day ruled by Venus (Friday), and when the moon is waxing or full, prick the man's initials on the leaf with a new sewing needle that has been dipped in rose oil.

As you do this, focus all your thoughts upon the object of your desires and visualize him as already yours. State aloud you intent and then repeat the following incantation 3 times: 

"Plant of magic, leaf of green, 
Let him whose initials are pricked on thee 
Grow in his heart a desire for me. 
Empower this spell bewitch him well 
With love's enchanting charm and glamour, 
Until for me she/he in enamored. 
By the power of Venus, so mote it be!"

Using the same needle and a length of pink thread, stitch the leaf to the inside of your bra/undergarment so that it rests near your heart. Wear it there until the moon is New, and your love's heart will be yours!