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Simple Wiccan Traditions

authored by Megan Bell


Like the idea of a nature based religion like Wicca or Paganism, but don't have the time/resources/willingness to study it full time and in depth?

Here's some information about Wicca for the "part time witch"

A lot of people (like myself) are very interested in wiccan and pagan spiritualities, but for whatever reason, aren't ready to jump in full force to studying a new religion. If you didn't grow up learning information about the holidays and traditions, the rtituals and symbolism, it can be very overwhelming. New terms can be confusing, especially when they aren't explained well.

I am doing my best to compile information here for what I call the 'part time witch'. Part time doesn't mean lack of committment to the ideas, or that you're not serious about how you feel. It just takes into consideration the fact that many of us who found the concept of a nature based religion at a later age in life, don't have the time to jump headfirst into studying and learning everything there is to know about Wicca or Paganism. Plus, not many people can just walk down the street and join a coven, like they can a church!

The information I list here will try to explain basic Wiccan ideas in a way that anyone can understand, even if you were raised with a different religion. Think of it as the layman's version of what it means to "ground and center yourself". Less "woo-woo" speak where you just end up feeling confused, and more down to earth stuff.

I also will be giving you some Wiccan practices and rituals that can be done in a way most ordinary people can easily incorporate into their daily life. No neighbors knocking on your door asking what's going on with all the drum-banging. :)

I'll post new topics here as I can write them, so check back occasionally, or follow me on Twitter for updates.
Also, if you know of a good resource for basic nature based religion ideas, or if you have written something yourself that you think would work out well for this page, let me know. Thanks!


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