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Free Love Spells To Cast Yourself

by Megan Bell


Interested in trying to cast a love spell on your own? Use the natural magickal powers found within all of us to work on manifesting the love you want!

Here are the love spells that I have found to be easy and also effective. These are all spells that a regular, non-skilled witch can try to cast. All of the materials you need should be things you can easily find in your area, or at least through an online pagan supply store.

(The small online store I used to use went out of business recently - if anyone knows a store that sells really high quality products, please email me, and I will list it here. Thanks!)

Use these Spells to find Love, Passion, Friendship and Beauty


Seasonal Love Spells (for other Seasonal Spells and Rituals, check out this page on Holidays and Traditions)